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“We are so pleased to have retained Lifeline Employee Benefits as our Health Insurance Agent. You and your team have demonstrated professional skills and excellent follow-up. Investigating all avenues in order to get the best prices and taking individual scenarios, as well as the company as a whole, have resulted in savings for our company. Your customer service is outstanding, returning calls promptly and answering our questions as well as working on individual challenges. I will recommend Lifeline Employee Benefits to others for we are so pleased with your excellent service.”

President – Nathan Kimmel Corporation

“Steve Driss has been our employee benefits insurance broker since we opened our doors in June 2010. Aside from the fact that Steve is very knowledgeable in his field and negotiated great rates for us on our employee benefits, what makes Steve stand out is his and his team’s dedication and responsiveness. Whenever an issue arises or we have a question from one our employees, Steve, or one of his team members, responds immediately. Further, he is willing to do whatever is necessary to take care of our firm’s needs, whether it requires him to come out to our offices on a moment’s notice or participate in a conference call late at night. He makes us feel like we are always his top priority. We could not be happier with Steve’s services and would recommend him to any business owner.”

Attorney at Law

“Let me say this to start, im a person who has a decent amount of knowledge when it comes to property and casualty insurance however when it comes to the health insurance side of things i have none! I’m glad i was referred to Steve at lifeline. He was able to explain the differences to me about HMO, PPO, and also explained to me the benefits about possibly going with an HSA plan. He was knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with, and it was very clear to me that he knows the products he is selling inside and out. I have since referred over several other business owners and i have gotten the exact same feedback from them. I defiantly recommend speaking with Steve before making any decisions on a benefit program for your business!”

Business Owner

“I was at first skeptical about the notion of an independent life insurance broker.  However, the insurance policy options were broader than my employer, and coverage was significantly cheaper because it was individualized (as a younger, healthier employee), out of the generic risk pool.  I would recommend talking with them (even if you’re not independent 1099), W2 based employees can also get similar coverage and save money.”

Business Owner

“I would like to endorse Steven Driss from Lifeline Employees benefit .Currently Steven provides our employee health insurance coverage and I can tell you that every renewal period Steven does all the research for my group and comes up with tons of choices and helps us to chose the best coverage and most economical. I would whole heartedly recommend him to every business owner, Small and Big to use his services and not worry about extra costs.”

Khurshid Escalante
Owner Ryan’s Rehab Services,Inc.